A downloadable Game Industry Tycoon for Windows

This is my first ever legit project in Unity3D. This is a 2D project that utualized SVG files (Scalable Vector Graphics) which means, they get converted into flat meshes. This allows for infinite scaling of resolutions without any pixelation or loss of quality, which also means smaller files.

The project in a Tycoon game where the player can create their own business within the game industry. Starting off small by creating video games and growing their company, fanbase, and skills.

Tools used:

  • [Adobe Illustrator] - Creating SVG game assets
  • [Adobe Photoshop] - Creating sprites for (splash, game icon)
  • [Visual Studio 2017] - Creating scripts for the game

Asset store packs:

  • [SVG Importer] - For importing SVGs
  • [TextMeshPro] - Package in Unity 2018
  • [Cinemachine] - For creating smoother camera movements
  • [2x audio packs] - Only used in main menu (Currently)

Install instructions

Download the files via the Google Drive or ZIP options.


GIT -v0.146.zip 31 MB
GIT - v0.145.zip 31 MB
GIT -v0.144.zip 31 MB
Google drive - Latest
Google Drive - Legacy

Development log

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